Our Philosophy

Our Vision

To be recognised by our customers as a leading producer with:

  • High standard in sustainable HSE performance through subscription to Responsible Care;
  • High reliability in the supply of quality products;
  • Lowest competitive cost; and
  • Open, pro-active and adaptive culture

to achieve profitability and growth so as to enhance shareholders’ value.

Our Mission

PCS aims, by achieving world class standards, to be the regional leader in the manufacturing and sales of petrochemical products, primarily through sales to pipeline-customers in the Singapore Petrochemical Complex, and is committed to:

  • High standards in health, safety and environmental protection;
  • The reliable supply of cost-effective products with high quality;
  • Excellence in people and professional management;
  • Corporate social responsibility; and
  • Reasonable returns to shareholders.

Our Core Values


Strong commitment to working together for mutual benefit and coordinated efforts.


High ethical standards and business integrity, trustworthiness, dependability and reliability.


Excellence in all aspects of individual and organization performance.

Innovation and Creativity

Ability to come out with better ideas and solutions.

Open Communication

Recognising the diversity of nationalities working in our company and the Complex, open and free exchange of views and ideas is valued.


Our Responsibilities

PCS recognises the following 6 areas of responsibilities:

  • HSE
    To take initiatives to achieve high standards in safety, health and environmental protection. Our aim is to achieve zero accident and zero injury in every aspect of our operation and to achieve continuous improvement.
  • Customers
    To win and keep customers by providing a reliable and consistent supply of cost effective, quality products and services and constantly upgrade, improve and/or expand our products and services in terms of quality, range, price and safety in order to meet market competition/expansion.
  • Employees
    To maximise the potential and encourage the creativity and innovativeness of our employees through team and individual efforts and regular communication; to foster employee commitment and loyalty by providing relevant training and career development, good and safe working conditions and competitive terms of service; to implement organisation development and management systems to achieve work excellence and performance and to recognise and reward individual contributions to such achievements.
  • Those with whom we do business
    To seek, maintain, promote and strengthen mutually beneficial relationships with contractors, suppliers and our pipeline-customers for continuous growth and prosperity.
  • Society
    To conduct ourselves as a responsible corporate citizen, by observing the applicable laws of the countries in which we carry on business, supporting free market enterprise, competing fairly and ethically within a framework of applicable competition laws, and participating in community service in the areas of cultural, educational and charitable pursuits.
  • Shareholders
    To provide reasonable returns to shareholders.

Economic Principles

PCS recognises that the petrochemical business is cyclical in nature. To stay in the business, it is essential that PCS is and remains competitive and profitable. To attain and retain such competitiveness and profitability, PCS shall, in the management of its business, be flexible and be able to adapt to market changes but in no event shall PCS seek easy gains.

Business Integrity

PCS shall conduct its business with honestly, integrity and fairness. The direct or indirect offer or acceptance of any bribes, presents or gifts, in cash, service or kind, is not acceptable.

Employees must avoid conflicts of interest between their private financial activities and their part in the conduct of company business.

Business transactions shall be reflected accurately and fairly in the Company accounts in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and be subject to audit.