Responsible Care® Policy

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Responsible Care® Policy

PCS regards the Health, Safety and Security of our employees, contractors, customers, distributors, suppliers, neighbours, the Public and protection of the Environment as the top priority in its operations. PCS is committed to:

  • Health: ensure a healthy workplace, for the prevention of occupational ill health, by eliminating hazards and reducing occupational health risks
  • Safety: ensure a safe workplace, for the prevention of injuries, incidents, property damage and excel in process safety  management, by eliminating hazards and reducing occupational and process safety risks
  • Securityensure a secure workplace by preventing security incidents
  • Environment: protecting the environment, by minimising the impact of its activities, products and services on the environment, by using material and energy efficiently, and by minimising waste, and preventing pollution by reducing emission to air, discharge to water and to soil to the practical minimum
  • Products: ensure a clear commitment of product stewardship to minimise any impact of our products throughout their life cycle

These are done through a continual improvement process of Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle and also by subscribing to the Responsible Care® principles for the management system in production, handling, use, transport and disposal of products that PCS produces through:

  • allocating sufficient resources to develop, operate and maintain the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) and Security Management Systems
  • openness to employees, contractors, customers, distributors, suppliers, officials and the community, including consultation and participation of stakeholders
  • assurance of HSE related quality and Safety of our  products and processes
  • providing feedback to and cooperation with the Government and relevant Bodies regarding Singapore HSE and Security (HSES) legal framework and Responsible Care® practices
  • assisting our contractors, customers and distributors to understand the hazards of our products
  • sharing of HSES experience and offering assistance to others including suppliers, neighbours and the Public

These are also done by:

  • regarding HSES as a direct line management responsibility
  • communicating the appropriate HSES consideration to contractors, customers, distributors and suppliers
  • maintaining good customer relationship to foster safe use and handling of our products
  • assisting customers and distributors in the transmission of product stewardship information
  • ensuring compliance with applicable legal and other requirements
  • setting targets for improvement, measurement, benchmarking, appraisal and performance reporting
  • training and motivating employees and contractors to enhance HSES awareness and to promote best HSES practices
  • carrying out incident investigation and taking safety management measures to prevent recurrence
  • requesting contractors working at PCS to adopt the same HSES principles of this policy
  • having an effective emergency response system to minimise any property and HSES damage arising from an emergency situation

Responsible Care® Codes Of Practice

There are seven Codes of Practice:

  • Community Awareness & Emergency Response
    We openly communicate with the community about safety, health and the environmental aspects of our plant operations. We ensure that each facility has an emergency preparedness and can respond rapidly and effectively to emergencies.
  • Distribution
    We seek to prevent harm to the public or environment posed by the storage, handling, and transportation of chemicals by evaluating and eliminating risks and providing emergency response support in the event of a chemical distribution emergency.
  • Employee Health & Safety
    We identify and assess hazards, prevent unsafe conditions and foster training and communications in order to protect the health and safety of those who work or visit our facilities.
  • Pollution Prevention
    Our goal is to reduce or even eliminate waste materials and emissions at our plants by improving processes and procedures and by strict operational controls.
  • Process Safety
    We strive to prevent accidents and hazardous situations by ensuring that our facilities are designed, built, operated and maintained according to sound practices, and reviewed periodically for conformance.
  • Product Stewardship
    We make health, safety and environmental protection a priority in the development of new products and processes so that the chemicals we produce can be manufactured, transported, used and disposed of safely.
  • Security
    We protect people, property, products, processes, information, and information systems by enhancing security throughout the chemical industry value chain.