Our Plant, Facilities & Products

Our Plant and Facilities

PCS’ ethylene plants incorporate the latest technology, allowing for the flexible use of naphtha, gas oil and LPG to achieve the most economical mix of feedstock. Our other plants further optimise the value of all our product streams. The entire manufacturing operation is controlled by state-of-the-art process control systems. A comprehensive network of pipelines and storage tanks allows for a seamless flow of products to our customers on Jurong Island and beyond.

We also supply utilities such as seawater, steam, compressed air as well as provide common facilities and services such as berths,  security and fire fighting services to ensure the efficient and safe operation of the Complex.

Our Products

PCS is recognised as a leading producer of ethylene and propylene, and other by-products in the region. The capacities of our two crackers together with our metathesis plant; total 1.1 million tonnes per year of ethylene and more than 800,000 tonnes per year of propylene. We also produce acetylene, butadiene, 1-butene, MTBE, benzene, toluene and xylene.  Products that are not consumed in the Complex are exported to the region.

With debottlenecking and additional facilities, including a 200,000 tonnes per year metathesis plant and a 100,000 tonnes per year butadiene plant, PCS’ manufacturing capacities have increased over the years. To further strengthen its infrastructure, a 240,000 m3  Naphtha Import Facilities was constructed. This project significantly strengthens PCS’s naphtha import logistics providing for better efficiencies and optimization of its feedstock.  These investments also ensures that PCS continues to remain as a reliable supplier to all its customers.

The summary below lists our products and their Safety Data Sheets (SDS). The SDS contains information on the properties and effects of PCS’s products that are important for occupational safety and environmental protection and can be accessed by clicking on the adjacent hyperlink.


The SDS is based on information currently available and is intended to describe the product for the purposes of health, safety and environmental requirements only. It should not be construed as giving any representation or warranty on any specific property of the product.

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Product Total Capacities (Tonnes Per Year) # SDS Record No. (Click for PDF Copy)
Ethylene 1,100,000
Propylene (from Metathesis)
Butadiene 160,000
Benzene 270,000
Toluene 145,000
Xylene 85,000
Methyl Tert-Butyl Ether (MTBE) 140,000
1-Butene 63,000
LPFO *Varies
HPFO 80,000
Thermal Cracked Gasoline / Pyrolysis Gasoline *Varies
C6~C8 Raffinate *Varies
C4 Raffinate *Varies


* Varies according to plant operation mode.