Whistle-blowing is to report concerns about a company’s employees and/or business partners in good faith on misconduct or malpractice. Grievances of a personal nature are generally not a whistle-blowing concern.

PCS Pte. Ltd. (“Company”) takes whistleblowing seriously and will review all reports and initiate an investigation where possible or as required. If you suspect an actual or potential misconduct/impropriety that involves Company’s employees and/or business partners, we encourage you to speak up and report it. Examples of misconduct/improprieties include theft, fraud, corrupt conduct and improper accounting practices.

What to report

To enable the Company to effectively investigate your concerns, the following information should be provided, where possible:

  • Name(s) of person(s)/company(ies) involved;
  • Date, time and location of incident;
  • Frequency of occurrence of the incident;
  • Value of any money or assets involved;
  • Physical evidence (if any);
  • Any other information that may substantiate the concern.

Whistle-blowers should report their concerns in good faith.

Please leave your names, in case further information or clarification is required. To the extent feasible and permissible under the law, Company will make every effort not to reveal the identity of the whistle-blower.

Reporting Channels

To make a report, you can drop us

  • an email at whistleblow@pcs-chem.com.sg or
  • call us at +65 6334 0106 (Ethics Compliance Officer) or +65 6334 0583 (Head, Internal Control and Governance).

Our call operating hours are 9.00am – 3.00pm (Mon – Fri).

Alternatively you may also write to us at:

PCS Pte. Ltd.
100 Ayer Merbau Road,
Singapore 628277
Ethics Compliance Officer and/or
Head, Internal Control and Governance