Corporate Social Responsibility

Contribution to Society

PCS opened a new chapter in Singapore’s industrial development and has placed Singapore on the map of the world essential chemicals industry when it was first started in 1984. The new expansion programme will usher in another phase of growth for the industry. It will generate a wider range and higher volume of products that can be used for the development of new downstream activities.

PCS has and will continue to contribute significantly to the economic development of Singapore. Its stimulation of growth in related industries in the Southeast Asian region will also assist in the economic development of these countries.

In many ways, the essential chemicals industry has contributed to the improvement of living standards and will continue to do so. Many of the modern conveniences are made possible through the use of products of the essential chemicals industry, such as food packaging and utensils, parts of electrical appliances, automobiles, synthetic fibre, detergents and lots more.

Sharing with Our Community

Our Contribution

We are regular participants in Community Chest fund-raising activities for the underprivileged in the community. Together with our employee donations, we match dollar for dollar to the SHARE (Social Help Assisting Raised by Employees) programme.

In other areas of community relations, PCS is committed to the training of highly-qualified manpower for the industry. We offer scholarships to aspiring engineers and technicians at the local tertiary educational institutions. We also participate in internships and industrial attachments with these educational institutions.

PCS is also keenly promoting specific arts and cultural events and programmes to foster close community relationships.