Our People Asset

Our People Asset

The PCS Family

Our PCS family is about 410 strong and our people are highly skilled, educated and motivated to operate our plants and business efficiently. We value our people as our key asset and therefore seek to optimise the potential of each and every employee.

Fresh degree, diploma graduates and school leavers are given on the job training, work exposure and close supervision to enable them to acquire confidence, knowledge, operating skills and mentor’s know how as quickly as possible.

Job rotation and enrichment programme gives the person the depth and breadth to his work experience, thereby optimising his potential, enabling him to achieve personal job satisfaction and promoting his career advancement opportunities. Technical and management training with external providers are also provided where appropriate.

We welcome motivated people with technical inclinations, an inquiring mind and who meets with our entry qualifications.

Training and Development Philosophy

The Company believes in the professional management of the business and is committed to professional development and growth of its people. A set of carefully planned training and development activities ensure that the right competencies and skills are acquired and applied to manage the current operations of the Company and the future requirements of the business.