Year 2021
November 2021


02 Nov 2021

29 July 2021 was a commemorative day for all of us as PCS had once again achieved another milestone. We were awarded the prestigious Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Performance (Excellence) Award by the WSH Council and the Ministry of Manpower.

The WSH Awards is a yearly event jointly organised by WSH Council and the Ministry of Manpower, to showcase all award recipients for their strong WSH ownership and partnership, outstanding WSH practices and who have done well in risk management. Companies are only awarded the prestigious WSH Performance (Excellence) Award by demonstrating to the regulatory authorities that they are able to uphold and maintain the highest standards in Workplace Safety and Health practices by being awarded the WSH Performance (Gold) Award for three consecutive years.

Being awarded the WSH Performance (Excellence) Award is a recognition by the WSH Council and Ministry of Manpower that PCS is doing what is practicable to effectively protect the health and safety of its workforce in achieving zero injury.

To strengthen the WSH ownership between PCS and our partner contractors, we have three core programmes to encourage participation from senior management and all workers.

The three core programmes are Speak Out for Safety (SOS) which encourages everybody to talk Freely, Fearlessly and in a Friendly manner on WSH; Behaviour Based Safety (BBS) observation, which is a peer-to-peer programme to identify safe and at-risk behaviours for safer solutions without blame; and STop And Report (STAR) which empowers everyone, at any level, to intervene and stop any unsafe act or condition.

This year, amid the prolonged pandemic, PCS introduced the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP). This programme helps to better manage our employees’ mental well-being by providing confidential consultation and professional support to those who require assistance to better manage their health. Regular Wellness Webinars are also conducted to share useful information and/or strategies to tackle challenges faced.

For contractors, PCS appreciates their contributions during this difficult period and provides them with “goodie bags” containing daily essentials and disposable masks on a regular basis.

Sustaining a workforce with good mental health brings many benefits to all. Staff will have a sense of purpose and direction to cope with work as well as social demands. It helps make people feel at ease to be able to bring their “whole selves” to work. This allows for full focus and concentration on tasks and hazards for both working at site (office) and working from home.


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