Year 2018
June 2018


05 Jun 2018

Petrochemical Corporation of Singapore (Private) Limited, PCS, and its contractors have achieved a combined 40 million hours worked without Lost Time Incident (LTI) on 1 June 2018.

The achievement of this remarkable milestone is the result of PCS’ strong emphasis on the two elements ingrained in our safe work culture – team work and treatment of contractors as an equal partner. We are often asked by our industry peers where the secret lies. It is an open secret – where our contractors have an equal stake and similarly empowered to halt activities in hazardous situations.

At the core of this, is our belief in enabling an incident free workplace, very much a similar approach to the national initiative of Vision Zero, with the belief that all injuries and ill health at work can be prevented. We also practice, without fail, In-situ Risk Assessment prior to work commencement in addition to formal risk assessment, enhancing hazard identification and elimination.

Having achieved this target, the next lap of our journey has begun. We should always strive to secure the health and safety of our workforce, as well as for ourselves and our loved ones.

PCS firmly believes in shaping a culture based on safe, quality production, where everyone feels a sense of personal responsibility for the health and safety of their co-workers as well as themselves. Moreover, it believes in partnering contractors allowing for greater co-operation and enabling open communication on health and safety issues.

PCS regularly reaches out to the community, sharing its process safety, occupational health and safety agenda, rousing discussion on learning lessons and incident prevention. It desires to share hope and inspiration, for a healthier and safer workplace.