Year 2021
September 2021


17 Sep 2021

Petrochemical Corporation of Singapore (Private) Limited (PCS) and its contractors have jointly achieved a combined 50 million hours worked without a Lost Time Incident (LTI) on 9 September 2021.

This achievement is of significance, against the backdrop of COVID-19 pandemic situation, and our Shutdown Maintenance (SDM) 2021. Aside from normal work hazards, we had to ensure compliance with Safe Management Measures (SMM) which resulted in adjustments to not only work methods and procedures but also caring for the workers’ health and wellbeing with appropriate rest shelter design and layout. This cannot be achieved without every one having the safe mind-set which is cultivated through the years and the practise of In-situ Risk Assessment (iRA) during the SDM period.

With SDM 2021 completed successfully, amidst very challenging and unprecedented COVID-19 situations, we can now celebrate this significant milestone with our partners. This achievement adds on to the two prestigious awards that we were conferred recently – the 3rd ASEAN-OSHNET (Occupational Safety and Health Network) Excellence Award and the Workplace Safety and Health Performance (Excellence) Award.

Such achievements would not come about without the commitment and partnership of our Contractors and the leadership of the Petrochemical Complex Contractors Association (PCCA). Believing and practising our three core programmes, Behaviour Based Safety (BBS), Speak Out for Safety (SOS) and STop And Report (STAR), along with Near Miss reporting for lessons learnt, contributes to a healthy and safe workplace.

PCS Managing Director, Mr Hisashi Shibayama, in his congratulatory message highlighted: “Let us not be complacent, never compromise on health and safety, and continue our efforts on energy efficiency drive for the environment, in governing every aspect of our operations and business. “One Team, One PCS”.”

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