Year 2019
April 2019


17 Apr 2019

PCS schedules regular meet up with our contractors’ Senior Management and their workers, as part of our communication, engagement and feedback programme.

Every quarter, contractors’ Site Management and workers (on roster) join a dialogue session, a platform where HSE and wellness programmes are shared and a forum for contractors to air their views as well as give suggestions towards a healthy and safe workplace.

PCS is glad to be one of the Vision Zero Champions to proactively advocate health and safety at work on Jurong Island.

Following the Jurong Island Vision Zero Cluster launch last November, we took the opportunity to encourage contractor companies to come on board and pledge their commitment to the Vision Zero movement, at our annual gathering with contractors’ Senior Management in January.

In keeping with the momentum, the recent 1st Quarter 2019 PCS Contractors Dialogue event on 7 March, included a “Learning Journey” (WSH Council’s terminology) on Contractor Management and Behaviour Based Safety, for companies that have pledged to this Cluster.

The learning journey was jointly organised with the Workplace Safety and Health Council, together with support from the Singapore Chemical Industry Council Limited (SCIC).

In opening the Dialogue, PCS Managing Director, Mr. Akira Yonemura, shared that the Dialogue is an ideal avenue for him, PCS managers, as well as contractors’ management to obtain feedback and feel  the ground, aside from regular walkabouts in the plant.

He mentioned that when WSH Council approached PCS to open one of our events to Jurong Island stakeholders, we chanced upon this Dialogue to share our belief and our programmes, which are in alignment with the Vision Zero mindset.  He further stressed that, in PCS, contractors are regarded not just as service providers, but as partners who are accorded the same health, safety and security provisions as our employees.

PCS General Manager (Plant), Er. Lucas Ng HK, as the chairperson of the Jurong Island Vision Zero Working Group, in delivering his welcome address, mentioned that the Group has plans to organise events like forums and dialogue sessions with management and workers, as more companies pledged to the Cluster.  An example is PCS’ Dialogue sessions to showcase to companies that do not or have not created an engagement platform with the contractors’ management and workers to embark on such a programme.

He reiterated that PCS has a strong cultivated health and safety culture and unique teamwork culture, and has always been an advocate of open sharing.

In providing a balanced view, Mr. Apostol Ivan, President of the Petrochemical Complex Contractors Association (PCCA), shared, from their perspective, how they have come to reap the benefits of such a partnership with PCS.

Following PCS’ Contractors affirmation of the strong bond and partnership in health and safety matters, the floor was opened for questions and feedback.  PCS Management and PCCA President took turns to clarify queries as well as consider suggestions from the participants.

After having tucked into a hearty lunch, Jurong Island companies’ pledgees were then transported to Training Room T12 at Administration Building, for the “Learning Journey” portion where PCS shared its programmes and practices on Contractor Management and Behaviour Based Safety.

Not to be left out, the Singapore Chemical Industry Council (SCIC) Ms. Wendy Chai shared on the Responsible Care® programme in Singapore.  The Vice President of Association of Process Industry (ASPRI) Mr. Francis Tay, who is also a member of the Jurong Island Vision Zero Working Group, supported the event.

The day ended with a small reception where guests were treated to “finger food” and to catch up with fellow Jurong Islanders.

WSH Council have since published an article on the first Jurong Island Vision Zero learning journey, at PCS’ quarterly contractors dialogue, with more than 50 participants from pledgee companies in attendance.  PCS, as well as WSH Council, received feedback that the experience was eye-opening, and that the participants are looking forward to attending more of such learning journeys in future.