Process Safety Policy

Process Safety Policy

The Process Safety Policy is to emphasise PCS top management leadership and visibility with clear process safety management system and improvement plan.

This Policy describes key elements of PCS Process Safety Management System for management of process and equipment integrity in preventing incident and protecting people and environment.

These are achieved through:

  • process safety leadership from top management level, discussing process safety in board meetings, such as reviewing process safety indicators and performance
  • demonstrating visibility and visible commitment of top management, through site visits and open dialogues
  • providing a positive, trusting and open culture where PCS employees and workers are encouraged to speak out without fear or reprisal and their views on safety
  • enhancing engineered and administrative safeguards that act to achieve or maintain a safe state of process
  • process safety improvement plan identifying priorities for ensuring system and safeguards retain their integrity, with continual improvement
  • implementing an integrated set of leading and lagging performance indicators, which are periodically updated
  • comprehensive maintenance programme and timely rectification of faults with adequate repairs
  • suitable training and transfer of knowledge and learning of good practices
  • reviewing industry incidents and recommendations across major hazard sectors for learning lessons and improvement
  • recognising changes and ensuring that they are appropriately documented, reviewed, approved and communicated

PCS is committed to continual improvement in Process Safety management and performance, through its subscription to the Responsible Care® practices and conformity to Singapore Standard SS506 Part 3 : Occupational safety and health management system – Requirements for the chemical industry.